Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ladies: The make-up trend of 2013, Ethylline WhipLash Lash Detonator Thicksplosion

Here you have it ladies­, THE make-up trend for 2013!
Mascara will be thick, luscious and luxurious, so much so that Mariah Carey will look at you with pure jealousy
Maybelline Lash Blast is history, in 2013 the mascara everyone will be wearing is EthyllineWhipLash Lash Detonator Thicksplosion. It’s literally the meanest and hottest mascara on the planet. Why? The microscopic fireballs that burst from each individual lash makes you look like a Goddess! Mega-thick lashes will have a hypnotizing effect. WhipLash Lash Detonator Thicksplosion beats the shit out of all those other mascara lines including the big brands and lines.