Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The most expensice mattress in the world

The most expensive mattress in the world
By: Savoir
$175,000, that's what you should bring with you if you want to buy the most expensive mattress in the world. Made by French luxury bed- and mattress manufacturer Savoir, this extreme luxury dream-surface truly gives you a resting time you will never ever forget!

Savoir's most expensive mattress in the world is made from top-quality materials such as Mongolian cashmere and selected horsehair. It takes 16 highly experienced craftsmen- and women not less then 700 hours to fabricate a completed mattress, all by hand.

Ready for a good night's rest?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fun fact (off-topic)

More strange, funny and unbelievable facts...

Lamborghini Aventador... got some spare money?

Lamborghini Aventador
Welcome to the coupe super car of the century, the all-Italian Lamborghini Aventador! With its 6500 cc (6.5 liter gasoline) mega powerful v12 engine and a price-tag of 800.000 euro's, this roadmonster is not quite the most suitable car for the average Joe. But...if you do have the cash and you do have the required skills to drive the race monster without straight away launching it into a wall or traffic light... Then you really hot something to make everyone's eyes pop! The Lamborghini Aventador was first introduced in 2011, replacing the very popular Lamborghini model Murcielago, and received with truly overwhelming enthusiasm.

The name Aventador

The quite original name Aventador is actually related to bullfighting. The story goes that this car has beenamed after one or another bull from Spain who has a reputation for being an enormous legend in the international world of bullfighting.

Lamborghini Aventador features and specs

  • Engine: 8.5 liter, 6492 cc V12 mid-engine with 690 horsepower at 8250 rpm
  • 510 LB-ft torque at 5500 rpm
  • 7-speed single clutch gearbox transmission
  • 3700 LBS in weight
  • Fuel consumption: 13.5 mpg or 5.7 km per liter
  • 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 217 mp/h or 349 km/h

Monday, 4 March 2013

Book a ticket to...outer space (with the Lynx rocketplane)

The Lynx rocketplane
Ready to buy your ticket to space?
After years of development and testing, we  are nearing the time that we will actually be able to "reasonably affordable" make a touristic space-flight with the Lynx rocketplane. Expected to be commercially ready to fly passengers to outer space and back in January 2014, many of us will finally have a chance to realize that one big dream that bugged our minds ever since we were little kids! The Lynx's new home will be the Curaçao Spaceport (Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean).

The Lynx rocketplane is a suborbital, horizontal takeoff, horizontal landing (HTHL) rocket-powered spaceplane. Is has been developed and built by the US-based aerospace company XCOR, and has the task to compete in the fast emerging suborbital space flight market. The Lynx rocketplane is planned to carry one single passenger alongside the plane's pilot. Tickets are currently (March 2013) projected to be around 70,000 Euro's.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Karl Lagerfeld to open a new flagship concept-store

Karl Lagerfeld store in Paris
Designer- and style-icon Mr. Karl Lagerfeld opened this week his first game-changing concept-store in Paris. This follows just a day after the public unveiling of his first line of watches during Paris Fashion Week, where the store's oipening ceremony was held as well. The brand new concept-store stretches more then 2,150-square feet on two levels, is located at 194, Boulevard St-Germain, the world famous Rive Gauche shopping location andit has a selection of pieces from the designer’s namesake label, Karl Lagerfeld Paris as well as accessories, and a range of limited-edition items from his many collaborations including tableware collections created together with Swedish crystal-manufacturer Orrefors, luxury pens and lighters for S.T. Dupont, and the Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke range.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Private jet into the extreme: Airbus A380 flying private palace

A well known, but not to be named prince from the Middle East recently spent 340 million euros on an ultra-luxurious Airbus A380 private jet, fully custom designed by Design Q. The "flying palace plane" took some 3 years to complete and holds officially the world’s largest private jet. In a space normally reserved for 600 passengers, the owner and his guests will enjoy 6-star treatment from lift-off to toucj-down.

Gary Doy, co-founder of Design Q’s:
Master plan design of the A380
private jet "flying palace"
The large tummy of the private A380 (the largest passenger plane in the world) was been transformed into a luxury relaxation zone which inclydes a Turkish-bath lined with marble surfaces of only 2 millimeters thick. It is something extremely special and there is nothing like it on the market yet. The Turkish bath is especially spectacular with lots of spa treatments to choose from.
There is a unique well-being room as well which has floors and walls made from OLED screens, showing the plane's outside enviroment. One can enjoy a unique flying experience by stepping onto the "magic carpet" as while cool breeze blows in the room.