Monday, 4 March 2013

Book a ticket to...outer space (with the Lynx rocketplane)

The Lynx rocketplane
Ready to buy your ticket to space?
After years of development and testing, we  are nearing the time that we will actually be able to "reasonably affordable" make a touristic space-flight with the Lynx rocketplane. Expected to be commercially ready to fly passengers to outer space and back in January 2014, many of us will finally have a chance to realize that one big dream that bugged our minds ever since we were little kids! The Lynx's new home will be the Curaçao Spaceport (Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean).

The Lynx rocketplane is a suborbital, horizontal takeoff, horizontal landing (HTHL) rocket-powered spaceplane. Is has been developed and built by the US-based aerospace company XCOR, and has the task to compete in the fast emerging suborbital space flight market. The Lynx rocketplane is planned to carry one single passenger alongside the plane's pilot. Tickets are currently (March 2013) projected to be around 70,000 Euro's.