Sunday, 18 November 2012

Private jet into the extreme: Airbus A380 flying private palace

A well known, but not to be named prince from the Middle East recently spent 340 million euros on an ultra-luxurious Airbus A380 private jet, fully custom designed by Design Q. The "flying palace plane" took some 3 years to complete and holds officially the world’s largest private jet. In a space normally reserved for 600 passengers, the owner and his guests will enjoy 6-star treatment from lift-off to toucj-down.

Gary Doy, co-founder of Design Q’s:
Master plan design of the A380
private jet "flying palace"
The large tummy of the private A380 (the largest passenger plane in the world) was been transformed into a luxury relaxation zone which inclydes a Turkish-bath lined with marble surfaces of only 2 millimeters thick. It is something extremely special and there is nothing like it on the market yet. The Turkish bath is especially spectacular with lots of spa treatments to choose from.
There is a unique well-being room as well which has floors and walls made from OLED screens, showing the plane's outside enviroment. One can enjoy a unique flying experience by stepping onto the "magic carpet" as while cool breeze blows in the room.