Sunday, 9 October 2011

2011 Goose down comforter

Some of the best manufacturers of comforters cannot meet the level of comfort you experience when sleeping under the Asian goose down comforter. It's richly filled with some of the finest goose down feathers, selected especially for this product. The baffle box construction allows the down to achieve the maximum capability of its lofting characteristic, keeping you warm and so comfy in those mid-winter-nights you will never ever want to leave your bed again! You will truly feel like a king or queen...sweet dreams!

The comforter is available in four sizes. It contains 85% genuine Japanese Goose down along with a selection of selected premium-quality materials such as Russian silk.

Single - $189.00
Super-single - $219.00
Queen - $249.00
King - $279.00

Prices include worldwide delivery

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